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Fallout 76: Nuclear Winter | A KGK Review

Intro When it comes to Fallout 76 loads of people will just turn their heads when the name is mentioned and won’t even give it a try. Well, all I can say is that you are missing out on a unique experience that a lot of people overlook. I am so glad to see the new DLC Nuclear Winter bring traction back to the game. Content What the Nuclear Winter DLC includes mainly is a Battle Royale game mode. To most people this will turn them away and it would have done with me but because it was Fallout, I gave it a chance and I am glad I did. Because it has brought in a whole new dynamic to Fallout 76 that is both fun and interesting. For example, when you spawn in after selecting the mode you spawn in inside vault 51. This is big because in Fallout 76 there were a number of vaults that were left locked but had notes talking about them. One of them was Vault 51. The story of the mode is of an AI called ZAX. ZAX is trying to see who the new vault's overseer will be and this is where the Battle Royale mode comes in. The winner is named overseer. This new content includes new items to earn while levelling up through the overseer ranks in the mode. What I like most is that only certain parts of the lore and the vault will be available to you from the start. You have to be a certain level to reach and read certain items and I like that. It adds a certain intrigue into the game mode. Right now, you have to be in teams however from my experience everyone has been really nice and good at working in teams with random people. I mean I got my first ever win with some randoms. After you select where you drop you see where everyone else is which is nice, so you get to know at least which zones are hot spots for activity. One of the new content additions that I didn’t expect to like was the perk card system. Which takes the SPECIAL stats from your character in the main story mode and puts it onto your character in the game mode. But the perk cards you have been given are only for the BR game mode which makes each game interesting. Plus, you can earn XP for your main character in the story mode plus caps for them but at a small and slow rate. The mechanics have changed and are tweaked a bit, e.g. everything you pick up at the start will be added to your favourites menu instantly and you can use quick kits to make defences for your camps to hunker down with your squad in the final circle. Also, a uniquely added dynamic is that you have the normal crate rarity system which means an orange chest will hold the best loot and has a beacon which will beep when you're near one. You also have nuclear briefcases. For these, you find 4 nuke codes in the squad as a whole and if you have the briefcase you can set off a nuke which irradiates a massive part of the map. This makes the game mode a little more interesting along with the additions of ghouls and other enemies too which makes the game that little bit more difficult. So, all in all the content is fairly packed and worth grinding for because it is something new to enjoy and a lot of people are enjoying it. Hopefully it won’t lose traction like APEX legends did when that launched.

Fun factor What is the point in a new piece of content being added if there is no fun to be had with the new content? I will focus on what made this new DLC fun for me in this section. What made this DLC fun for me was the sheer happiness and excitement I got from when I played the new mode. For example, when I first entered the map the sheer excitement was great and them when I got a group of randoms that actually knew what they were doing was even better and then winning. The mechanics all work amazingly and I have not experienced any glitches or any bugs which is rather odd for Fallout 76 and Bethesda in general. I had a lot of fun experimenting with the sheer number of weapons and have figured out which is the best weapon for me. The 10mm submachine gun. That thing melts anything in front of it. So yes, to me this DLC is packed with a lot of fun and great times ahead if they keep adding to the game mode. Overview I honestly understand why people stay away from Fallout 76. Whether it is because of all the bad reviews on it or the fact it is not a traditional Fallout game, or because it never will be finished. I honestly couldn’t recommend this game more. It has had so much added to it that thanks to the Nuclear Winter DLC the game is now full of stuff for all types of players to do. Plus, in 3 months we will be getting the Wastelanders DLC and that will change the entire game so from my point of view the future will only get ever brighter with Fallout 76. So, the Nuclear Winter DLC is definitely worth giving this game a try on its own in my opinion. That is how much I love it.

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