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This game will be a nostalgia trip for all the gamers who played during the golden era of games when there was no content getting cut from games to be sold as add ons. 

This game is reminiscent of the original Mario games and the original castlevania games. So if you liked those games you will like this game. The 8 bit style to everything and the colour pallet will definitely be a nostalgia trip. 


The main story of this game is rather simple but I guess it would be for the type of game it looks like and is trying to be like. You play as a father who has their daughter taken from them which is then the motivation to go after the person who took your daughter begins. The bad guy is called Darama. He may be the bad guy of the game but I didn’t feel an immediate urge to complete the game to save your daughter. 


The gameplay mechanics are there and ready for you to try out. You collect items to get to the end of a level and every time you die you would have to collect that item back up from that section. However you only have 5 lives. If you run out of lives before completing all sections of one level then you will be sent straight back to the beginning again. This is rather annoying in my opinion considering that all the levels are mixed with various jumping puzzles and traps like spikes and birds. You can collect money bags and items to gain a score for your run. You also have magic and equipment slots to help protect you from hazards.


The way I see it is that this game is a passion project made to commemorate the old games of old. This is a nice touch. Sadly I didn’t like this game much. Everything just felt too clunky. For example jumping to dodge an arrow was hard because of the clunkyness of the controls. I don’t think this is meant for gamers like me though. I feel like it is meant for the people who played games like this on the SNES or on the ATARI 2600. This could also be used as to show gamers right now what games were like back in the late 70s and early 80s. So to sum everything up. This game is meant for the older generation looking for nostalgia. 

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