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Super Street: The Game - Official Trailer

Upcoming racer from Lion Castle Entertainment has a brand spanning new gameplay video for you all to drool over, showcasing the physics of this arcade street racer. Three cars are on show here, so check out the video.

In Super Street, you don’t just buy a car and race. Oh no. You start at the bottom, using scrap parts to build your dream car piece by loving piece, climbing the ranks as you go through various game modes. There’s single player and multiplayer, with the latter getting both online mode and split-screen mode to burn rubber on asphalt, showing off your dream ride.

Super Street: The Game will release worldwide digitally for the price of $49.99 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Steam on 4th September 2018.

Check out the screenshots below, and start dreaming of your dream ride to challenge the community.

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