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Doughlings: Arcade - A KGK Review

Doughlings is probably the best ‘Alley Way’ style game we will get for sometime, blending aspects from such games as Bubble Bobble and even includes a leveling system where you can increase each of the 7 characters abilities, I say characters but essentially they are temporary persona’s that the main character (who resembles a floating testicle, with eyes, a mouth and arms) Doctor Morpheus, changes into when you collect DNA strands.

The game was first released on the 8th May 2018, by Hero Concept (aka ‘sensational video game company’ according to their website), who are a 4 man team of developers based in the heart of Istanbul.

If I hadn't of read it on their website myself I would of never of known Douglings was their first game, and what a game it is.

Your role as Morpheus is to heal all his friends, and save them from their terrible epidemic! Morpheus and his personas (they really should of called this guy Roger lol), set out throwing magic balls at his people, clonking them on the head makes them less sick and eventually healing them for eg, you hit a blue guy, he turns and different colour, you hit him again he changes colour again and you need to hit him until he becomes pink (ie normal).

Each successful heal gives you a thumbs up icon to collect, however you must time your movements carefully because if you let the ball drop out of bounds you die! Along with the thumbs up icons, there are stars to collect, these both increase your ‘Show off’ meter, which are the spotlights around the boarder of the screen. Once activated Morpheus will gain the Colourball ability for a short time this allows you to hit multiple targets at once. If you activate your persona by collecting a DNA icon, after activating show off mode, it allows you easily use their ability where as if you just collect the icon your persona timer drains quickly.

The game itself functions similar to that of a mobile game such as candy crush, where you have a level and need to collect 3 stars, however I didn’t see a single micro transaction during my review sessions, which is a bonus already.

Each of the 3 star’s on a level will get you so many potions, the more points you earn by saving your friends when the timer ends (if you haven't cleared the screen), will earn you the stars. The potions you receive can be used to level up your characters DNA, giving you bonus’ such as increased show off time, who how long you can stay in a persona’s form. The game gets difficult quickly but as you level your DNA, the harder levels become easier in turn allowing you to claim missed potions to level yourself up further.

Verdict: Buy this game! If you liked alley way, or any of the other block & ball games, this is a wonderful edition to the genre, it has a couple of twists that make it a fresh take on the idea at the same time as keeping the old school vibe going. I have had a very fun time with this review, mainly because alley way was one of my favorite games on the game boy as a kid and this just brings back good memories.

Overall Score

Developed: Hero Concept Publisher: Hero Concept Release date: 3rd August 2018 Price: £3.99 File Size: 531.66 MB Xbox One copy provided for review purpose Available on Steam, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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