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F 1 2018 - News & Screenshots

F1 2018 News

Earlier today Codemasters released part one out of 4 video documentaries explaining new features in the next instalment, F1 2018. In the first part of this developer diary you are shown how you make interactions with your new reporter Claire.

F1 2018 makes more use of the media side on track and also off, which will affect you as a driver and how you are seen by the media. Will you choose to show off your sportsmanship or showmanship?

You will have interviews with reporters before the race and after however whatever option you choose to respond with during these interviews can affect you as a driver with your team and others.

“The media are going to play a huge part in the player’s career” stated Lee Mather, F1 2018’s Game Director, “It’s super important for a driver to not just be skilled on track. It’s all about being the complete package. The player is going to need to consider how their answers impact the morale of their team and also how other teams in the paddock perceive them.

As you progress and develop your character overtime more answers will be available to you in the interviews with the media. There are more improvements to the career mode of the game such as being able to have more control over the destiny of your driver and even the ability to approach rival teams about a potential move and you can also select your own championship rival. There will be more details of the further enhancements to the career mode in part 2 of the developer blog.

F1 2018 will be available on Playstation 4, Xbox One family devices and PC August 24th. There is also a list of supported gaming wheels on the recent blog post here.

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Game: F1 2018

Developer: Codemasters

Release Date: 24/08/2018

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