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Shift Quantum - A KGK Review

Shift Quantum is the ‘official’ successor to Shift, first brought into our lives in 2008, Shift 2 and 3 were both released in 2008 and finally Shift 4 was released in 2009. Several games in the same series other than the main titles have been released over the years on a multitude of different systems including the Nintendo DS, PSP and the PlayStation mini’s (small mini games available on the PlayStation 3).

And then we come to Shift: Quantum, which is available on all major platforms! Before starting this review I hadn't played or even heard of the previous games, I went into this review blind, I came out wanting more! As someone who loves puzzle games, Shift: Quantum is my kind of game.

There doesn’t seem to be much story, but I could easily be wrong by the time I finish this great game, the beginning exercise before the game starts is very interesting and quite story driven I'm not going to write about that here, because you need to experience it first hand.

We start off small and easy, learning one mechanic at a time, one of the first you learn is the ‘Shift’ ability which switches you between worlds (black and white) flipping your screen as it changes, when you are on the opposite plane you gain the ability to move past obstacles or take alternate routes as needed.

Expect it to get more complicated later on, the game uses the usual formula of throwing a new mechanic at you for you to learn and then use in conjunction with what you already know.

Each level is re-playable if you miss one of the Glitch collectibles, you can easily access the level it was on, there is even handy counter telling you how many collectibles are on each level. So far the game seems easy, to be fair I'm no stranger to puzzles and I usually figure something out very quickly, however I am expecting the game to get trickier later on.

Once all the fun has gone from the main game, there is the level editor giving you unlimited creativity, there is a quite large database of user created content already available, this is sure to increase once the game goes live and the world outside of the reviewers is able to play.

Trophies / Achievements come quite quickly, and can even be earned on user created levels, so far they have been easy which is great news if you are into completing your games and collecting all the Gamer score or Trophies that you can.

The only thing that Shift: Quantum is missing is multiplayer, which is a shame it could easily be a couch co – op experience with each player taking a shift colour (ie black or white) and then having to coordinate with each other to complete the puzzles in their world as well as how it would effect the other person. However it is a fantastic game regardless.

Overall Score: 10/10

Verdict: You need this game in your life! Fantastic for those that love puzzle games or enjoy using their head, it’s easy to pick up, and fun to play and very addictive.

Just based on the unlimited content (via player created levels/ your own levels) this is certainly worth the price tag!

Developer: Fishing Cactus Publisher: Red Panda Interactive Release Date: 30/05/18 Price: £15.99 File Size: Playstation 4 copy provided for review purpose. Available on: Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam.

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