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Ethherborn: First Impressions & Campaign Funding

Etherborn is currently part of an FIG campaign to gather enough funding to get a console port. There is also a great reason to get behind this, as from what I have played so far, has gripped me. A low poly, gravity shifting adventure, sees you controlling a humanoid figure and solving puzzles while manipulating gravity to do so.

The visuals are fine and I suffered no drops in frame rate, nor do I mind about the low poly overhaul. In fact it lends itself well to the games look. The meat of this game, is in the puzzles. Starting off simple in the first level, allowing the user to accustom themselves to how the game mechanics function. They function well, but I would say that they camera needs a bit of attention, as it does feel awkward to get it where you want it to be ideally.

The level design is devious to say the least, and left me having to think outside the box to solve the puzzles laid out before you . If this does come to console, then I'd recommend grabbing it if puzzle genre games are your thing. The game in it's current state is stable enough and only one minor game crash wasn't enough to put me off. I sincerely hope we get this game out to the masses, as it would be a shame not to see any more of it.

Get behind this game, and show some support for what is, in my humble opinion, a great little indie game. The campaign link is below. The have just under 2 days to get the last bit of funding needed, so what you waiting for?

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