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Mimimi Productions Announce New Project

News released today from talented German developer Mimimi Productions has arrived at the shores of KGK, regarding news of their work in progress project, currently titled Codename Kartoffel. Essentially a follow up to the rather excellent Shadow Tactics game that is available on Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Not a direct sequel, but a different setting. Not much else has been mentioned about the title itself, aside from motion capture and voice acting being recorded.

They have reached their Alpha milestone for the project, and if its of the same quality as Shadow Tactics, then I can safely say we are in for a treat. Having personally tortured myself at the hands of Shadow Tactics steep difficulty, and spent a few dozen hours perfecting my stealth skills, I’m sure we can see more of the same from Codename Kartoffel in the future.

There is also a Shadow Tactics board game in the works from Antler Games, and hopefully this will be worth keeping an eye out for. More news as and when we here any more.

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