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The Surge A Walk in the Park - A KGK Review

There’s a trend that’s been doing the rounds for quite some time when it comes to describing a game as difficult. We’ve all heard the “Dark Souls” name mentioned, and it’s become stale if I’m being honest. Well, play The Surge and I guarantee you that you will have a new descriptive term for hard games. I’ve previously reviewed the game, and had my backside handed to me on more than several dozen occasions, and now it’s time to have a look at the DLC expansion, A Walk in the Park. It can be purchased as a stand alone product, or as part of a complete edition with the full game.

First off, you can’t just select this new addition from the main menu, rather you need to advance far enough into the game to be able to travel there, and discover new inhabitants looking to wreak havoc upon your very being. As is the case with the rest of The Surge. Nothin wants you to live, and would rather see you as a corpse on the floor. The setting is Creo World, an amusement park for employees where robots have run amok, and danger lurks around each and every corner. A sinister, dangerous location that continues the theme that runs throughout The Surge, which is to say that you are very much the prey.

Animatronics that resemble creepy mascots can be found lurking around nearly every corner, in this fun zone for employees which has seen far better days. There’s no reference that I’m aware of towards real world mascots, which is a shame, as the developer could easily have taken a cheeky dig at someone. The new enemy AI goes also mean new items for you to scrounge, and in turn new buffs to add to your current build. Looting new bits and pieces is an activity that’s rewarding and fun in any game with RPG mechanics, and The Surge is no different.

The length is around 6-8 hours, and if you’re a fan of tough, challenging games that gamers often liken to “Dark Souls”, then The Surge and it’s expansion A Walk in the Park are going to be of interest to you. Albeit in a more modern vein with science fiction than a medieval setting. If you’ve enjoyed the base game, then it will likely grab your attention to jump back in and give you a few more hours of fun.

Overall Score 8/10

Developer: Deck 13

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Release Date: 5th December 2017

Price: £11.99 or £44.99 for Complete Edition

File Size: 11MB

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