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Avengers Elite

Here is our latest work, our Avengers Elite controller. The wonderful Microsoft Xbox Elite controller has never looked better.

We started the process with a rough rendering of how we wanted it to look and once happy moved on to blocking in the design

Once the main design was in place it was time to start working on the meat of the design starting with the background and working forward, so the US flag an Spider-Man were first followed by Iron Man and Captain America.

Kustom D-pads were built in house with the options for Captain America's Shield and Iron Man's Arc Reactor, we could have added Spider-Man's logo also.

The bases of the brilliant elite sticks were painted a suitable blue to finish the design off.

Thanks for looking, you can order your very own version here or get in touch to talk about your own personal design here. Thanks for taking the time to check out our work.

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