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Gravel - Release Date Announcement

Italian developer, Milestone have recently released their second Developer Diary for their upcoming title; Gravel. A competitive TV show, The Off-Road Masters, and focus on Career Mode. But now it’s time to take an in depth look at what Gravel offers, with some new details and a Trailer.

Choose your path, improve your reputation, acquire new skills, and finally, face off against the Off- Road Master to progress. All this takes place over various locations around the world against the most talented drivers and powerful vehicles, striving to become the grand champion.

Stadium Circuits will see you challenging Scott Parker in his discipline, Ryan Carter will be your nemesis in Wild Rush, Speed Cross will see your cross paths with James Watanabe, and Justin Evans will be your rival during the Cross Countries events.

Each event will be broken down into several disciplines that you are required to finish in first game place in order to advance until you’re ready to challenge the Master in the Special Event. Along the way, you will race in events such as; Stadium Circuits, Wild Rush, Speed across and Cross Country events, before facing off against Sean Walker, the reigning Off-Road Master.

Gravel - Gamescom Trailer

Gravel Gameplay - Stadium Night

Gravel is due to release on 27th February 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

No price has been officially stated as yet.

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