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Fade To Silence - Release Announcement

Black Forest Games are close to the Steam Early Access release of Fade to Silence, which will also make an appearance on console in the new year, and published by THQNordic. As for Fade to Silence, it’s going to feature the harsh and unforgiving weather dynamics of a cold winter environment, as you struggle to survive.

The developer intends to release additional content in future updates, in the form of new quests, locations, followers and monsters in the endless winter. There’s even going to be moral choices to make along the way, all in the name of survival. Even with the initial release sounding tempting, Fade to Silence as a final product will surely be a treacherous, danger filled adventure against the elements and eldritch monsters, as protagonist Ash seeks to unravel what lies before him, collecting supplies to keep himself alive, build his camp and ward off threats.

Fade to Silence Official Announcement Trailer

Steam Early Access release date: 14th December 2017

Price: $29.99/£24.99

Available 2018 on console

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