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Triple A Fatigue

We truly live in a golden age of gaming with amazing games, cinemagraphic visuals and amazing sound with 7.1 headsets and home cinema but even then I am just fed up with the same games being constantly being rehashed, I can honestly say I am fatigued.

Case in point, I diligently downloaded the Forza 7 demo and fired it up. Instantly blown away by the visuals which can't be denied are just stunning to then get in game and think that I could certainly have been in Forza 5 or 6. Do I really want to spend £80 when it is indistinguishable? I am sure there are many racing fans who will love been able to tweak the cam bearing and turbo flange but I'm sure that isn't the case for many. I own every Forza ever made but will not be buying the new one, it is just more of the same.........Forza 5 was great, Forza 6 was great why would you even bother? Just play Forza 6 and take the wife out for a curry.

Is it not now the norm for 90% of triple A titles to just be the same old nonsense rehashed, seriously just look at what is on offer... COD, BF, Battlefront, ,Destiny and of the course the hardy perennial of all Fifa. For Pete's sake developers please try something even a little different, I was so happy when I saw Cuphead, hardly a new concept but compared to the rehashes being sold for the price of a weeks shop what a breath of fresh air.

I can honestly say that I have been so underwhelmed by releases and betas this year that I am genuinely excited for games that I have never played Assassin's Creed Origins, I know it is a franchise, but one I have never played, PUBG and Anthem are at the top of my list. I am yearning for a new experience, something that ignites my wonder of games once more.

Please Osiris let Origins be as good as it looks because I'm not sure I can face another year of the dried and mouldy biscuits of the COD's BF's and Fifas that for some unknown reason are still filling the gaming barrel.

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