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KGK Destiny E-Sports and Klans

We are always really excited to bring new developments to the group and in this case it is really relevant with the launch of D2.

Due to the Bungie clan system limiting the number of clan members we have decided to look at our Destiny set up, to make it better experience for both experienced players and new arrivals to the Destiny universe.

We will initially run 2 clans KGK Starfire and KGK Raiden. Both clans will be fully inclusive no matter skill level and players will be able to build fireteams or request help from other members as required. We will be holding regular events and also providing support for the full range of PvE activities and crucible. You can join KGK Starfire HERE or KGK Raiden HERE

We will also be running a Destiny thread in the KGK Forums to keep everybody up to date with news and developments both within the game and the clans themselves.

We really do look forward to seeing you out there.

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