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So it has happened Destiny 2 has gone live and boy did it go live. About 6 weeks ago we all got to play the Beta and it was met with mixed reviews. Still we was all hopeful that they could pull off a that was just as good as the first one and from what I have played so far they have far exceeded my expectations.

So midnight last night across the world millions of keyboard warriors/ joy pad junkies was all waiting either at home or at a store for the launch Destiny 2. Boom it went live, straight away your ears and eyes were dancing and the screamers around the world were screaming in pure wonder and amazement.

The game hit with a bang. We got to play the same mission as we did in the Beta but wow what a difference in the graphics, sounds and most important for me the movement systems. it was clear to see that they had taken some points on board form the BETA forums from all the fans and this was most noticeable in the Fan room area of the first mission. I won’t say about the next part as I don’t want to spoil it for any one yet .

After the first mission you then descend into the Farm (The new Tower), which is beautiful by the way.

There you have all the normal faces and some new ones and of course guardians everywhere. You get your missions as normal and if it takes your fancy you can chase some chickens around or have a game of football with your mates.

Then it is off in to orbit. This is still the same old flying spaceship in space as before but seems smoother and a little bit faster. It would have been nice if you could have flown the ship or even sat in the cockpit.

It is laid out the same as before with world you fly to a do your patrols or missions and of course for all you PvP sweats out there the crucible.

I had a few games in the crucible and thank bloody god. It was so freshening. It is now more based on player skill and not who is the most powerful and who has the best weapons. If flows extremely way and working as a team is crucial. I only got to play supremacy which is my favourite PvP mode and I can honestly say unlike Destiny 1 I will be playing lot more PvP.

Let’s get on to the guardians. So I play as a Titian, as I am titian myself lol. But wow what a good job they have done with the development of the 3 classes. You now get to have a new ability. So far I have only played as a Titan and you can call up a shield for your team mate to rally behind very, very useful.

The weapons are so much better to use and seem to hit the targets a lot better than the first one. The movement in the game is so much better and you can really feel yourself getting immersed into the fire fights. The new super are amazing and as I have only played around 3 hours so far I have not unlocked the whole super/ability tree yet but what I have unlocked has impressed me so far.

The lay out of you weapons and equipment menu is the same as before with a few tweaks and this works very well , as the old saying goes “ if it is not broken don’t try and fix it “ and this is spot on in this case.

Engrams are the same as before with the same colours so far and to be honest while I was playing last night I have never heard someone get so excited about getting a Green engram Yes you Darren Knibbs I am talking about you.

So like I said this is only my first impressions having only played it for 3 hours. But I know this is now going to take over my gaming life. I forgot how nice it was to grind and how satisfying it is when you get a new weapon or piece of armour. I have one problem though that as a senior moderator of KGK I have commitments to the games nights, but as I sit here typing this all I want to do is go shoot some Dregs in the face and smash people with my Shield of devastation. So yes my first impressions of the games are GOD YES AND THANK YOU BUNGIE. This game is looking like a winner but saying that only until Star wars Battle front 2 comes out.


KGK Anchor

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