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We like nothing more than to give back to our members and run competitions regularly with prizes ranging from controllers through to whole streaming rigs and top end gaming PC's.  Check out our streaming page for the latest competitions. 

KUSTOM GAMING KOMMUNITY competition zone.png

Our live competition at the moment is to win a fully hand built and one of a kind Zombie Perk set in bespoke display box containing 6 Xbox Series X controllers all hand airbrushed in Zombie Perk Designs by KK Airbrush.  There isn't another one of these in the world.  You can enter by clicking the logo above and visiting the pinned post for details.  

crate finish.jpg
ammo xbox.jpg

We have given away 2 Xbox Series X, 2 PS5's a full Kustom gaming Rig and a mountain of controllers, headsets and other gaming related merch in the last few months.  You have to be in it to win it

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