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Here at KGK we are Gamers and Streamers using our platform to promote our own Streamers and help new Gamers build a following by allowing them to stream on the KGK page.  With a reach of over 5 million viewers a month we are constantly growing and would love for you to follow us or if you a budding streamer looking to get started or a veteran trying to improve your reach we would love to hear from you.  Just drop us a message through our contact us page. 

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Mark "Wrongchicken" Wrightham

Mark is the head of of our Stream Team with a passion for all things gaming.  His purely adult streams are across multiple genres from  Warzone through to single player play throughs.  Married with 3 children Mark juggles a busy career as a combat chef with family commitments and gaming.  He can be found on our streaming page most nights sharing his unique brand of KGK loveliness.

Johan "The Lunchbox" Vennerstrom

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Johan has been streaming since the dark ages with a love of strategy games and a healthy fear of horror games which he can't help playing even though he is petrified.  Johan owns and runs Midgard print and paint where he makes props from games and movies for collectors specialising in resin 3d printing.  Johan lives in Sweden with his partner and two kids.

Chris "Captain Tendo" Tendo

Chris is just your average gamer dad that has a big passion for content creation and the streaming community. Gaming since he could hold a controller and that will never change. Retro classics are his favourites, but loves to dive into modern titles and see how far the industry has come, and will go. Streaming since 2019. Any genre is an interest, especially JRPG, RPG, open world, and horror. Also love doing game edits and any kind of projects with that software.
Lives in the U.S. with his wife and 2 children.


Tim  "KGK Loon" Melton

I'm Tim AKA loon, I'm from the U.S.A. where I live on a small farm in the middle of nowhere with my wife and 2 kids. I've been with the KGK since 2019 and I work a full-time job on top of the farm and family so my streams are kind of spread out and random. I usually play first person shooters and adventure games like Fallout or Grounded and also run some VR every now and then. More often than not when I'm streaming I am playing with my buddy Chris Tendo. If you catch me streaming and it's something you want to play hit me up and more likely than not you're welcome to join!

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Hey all, I am Dave aka Khaos, I have been streaming on and off for the last couple of years I enjoy playing and of course streaming as it helps with my mental health you will see me mainly play call of duty games but I am am like a open book when it comes to other titles. My main game mode is zombies and multiplayer.  I am a multi platform gamer and enjoy titles across platforms along with flight simulators and strategy games on PC.  You can find me on Facebook and Twitch at Khaosisgaming

Dave "Khaos"  Edwards


Stan "KGKDragonSlayer" Lawrence

Hello I'm KGKDragonSlayer, I play all types of games and I'm happy to game with anyone as long as your respectful. Feel free to come see me on Facebook at KGKDragonSlayer also at Kustum Gaming Kummunity where you can win some pretty cool prizes and be apart of the team

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Stacey "Shieldmaiden" Colville

Hi, my name is Stacey but I go by Shieldmaiden or Ginger Karen.  You'll sometimes see me stream on KGK.  I am a little shy and you may not see me but you will definitely hear me, you have been warned!  I play a variety of games but enjoy nothing more than shooting zombies in the face.  I have ADHD which makes story based games hilarious to watch....anyway happy gaming, Skol

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