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Mark Wrightham
Sep 9, 2017

KGK EGX meet up



Hello boys the time is nearly upon us to get our Geek on at EGX


As stated before I am playing a KGK meet up on the sat night


The location for this is the flute and flagon in the town centre


This is a good pub with great food and it is in the town centre so it will suit every one


I was thinking about meeting up around 1930 and take the night as it comes


I will only be out till around 2100 as I will have my son with me and I will then be going back to the hotel bar and you are more than welcome to join me


No doubt a lot of us will be together in the day time but this will let people chill out in the day and feel pressured in to meeting us in the day


Let me know your thoughts please lads





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  • Mark Wrightham
    Sep 19, 2017

    the new EGX App is avaible to downlaod via the app store or andriod . I have used this every year i have been and it is a very isfull tool
  • Mark Wrightham
    Sep 17, 2017

    if you going to EGX this week and want to be a part of the KGK meet up then drop me a message on here or xbox GT ek kizer join in with onenof the team events and be apart of the Kommunity hope to see you all at EGX and happy gaming
  • Mark Wrightham
    Sep 12, 2017

    We are amazed at all your support to the KGK Kommnunity so far and the game nights are such a laugh. Lets now try and push the gaming Kommunity even further and reach 2000 members There are some amazing games coming out in the next few months and lets face more gamers to game with is only a food thing Dont forget to pop over to our youtube channel as well for the latest in what KGK arw doing and junp on with me GT ek kizer any time for some sound Pie advice