August 28, 2019

Now this game is a game for people who don’t mind getting angry and frustrated or have a high tolerance for dying in games multiple times. So basically, this game is made for the conventional Dark Souls player.

I wish I knew what I was getting into when I started this g...

July 26, 2019

To start off this game is a kick starter, so it is still in early access. Which may deter people from trying this game out. But it shouldn’t. I was rather sceptical about the game as it looked awful. But I am glad I gave it a go. This is my review on the Hive Quest Dem...

September 29, 2018

Shalnor Legends: Sacred Lands is basically a The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past clone, it plays pretty much the same, with the old school top down isometric view, you have simple controls and fight an unknown evil, and it even has bushes!. Whether it’s considered...

September 7, 2018

The 1980’s was a notable decade for home entertainment, as that’s when home consoles suddenly became a thing, and households across UK and America started to realise just how much fun they could be. There’s so many iconic titles that made their first appearance, that a...

August 30, 2018

Tetris is one of the most we’ll know, iconic and best selling games in the history of gaming. It’s instantly recognisable, addictive and fun to play, that we can’t deny. Now we have Tetra’s Escape which has taken a winning formula, and combined the Tetris shapes, known...

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August 28, 2019

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